Craft Photography Fundamentals

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Manufacturer Description

Take Better Photos Of Your Crafts.

You need great photos of your craft products if you want them to sell online, but just because you are awesome at making things doesn’t mean you are great at taking photos – until now.

In Craft Photography Fundamentals with Candice Stringham, you’ll learn everything a craft merchant needs to know to take photos that really showcase the story behind your work. You’ll learn about:

  • Creating affordable, photogenic backdrops and sets
  • Capturing all kinds of textures
  • Shooting with an iphone and DSLR camera
  • Edits that add polish to your final images
  • Creating a consistent look that makes your brand stand-out

You’ll learn the basics of photo staging and you’ll see how a few simple lighting tricks can transform the look and feel of your final image. You’ll also get tips on working with props so you end up with a catalog-quality shot. And Candice will help you take advantage of your camera’s settings, the easy way.

If you want to produce photographs that are as beautiful as the product you are showcasing, join Candice Stringham for the beginner-friendly class, Craft Photography Fundamentals.


  1. Introduction to Craft Photography Fundamentals (4:59)
  2. What Your Visuals Say About Your Brand (4:56)
  3. How to Become a Photographic Author (10:44)
  4. How to Use Natural Light for Your Product Photography (10:00)
  5. Setting Up Your Photo: The Basic Rules (9:07)
  6. Becoming the Viewer to Take Better Photos (10:30)
  7. Shooting 3 Setups: Creating the Backstory with Images (34:32)
  8. Shooting from Top Down with an iPhone (19:49)
  9. Shooting Paper Products with an iPhone (10:54)
  10. Shooting Jewelry with an iPhone (19:01)
  11. Editing on your iPhone (15:28)
  12. Finding Your Brand's Aesthetic (18:39)
  13. Find Your Product and Customer Target: Exercises (11:12)
  14. Figuring Out Your Audience (8:46)
  15. Interview with Gilit Cooper of The Bannerie (8:45)
  16. Branding Beyond Instagram (19:47)
  17. Looking for Natural Light in Your Home (19:36)
  18. Building a Styling Prop Collection (8:22)
  19. Creative Backdrops (13:52)
  20. The Essential Product Photography Props (11:17)
  21. DSLR Basics (2:39)
  22. Understanding Shutter Priority And When To Use It (26:29)
  23. Understanding Aperture Priority And When to Use It (37:16)
  24. The Basics of White Balance (12:52)
  25. Photographing Jewelry (37:27)
  26. Setting Up a Bedroom Set and Photographing Pillows (19:59)
  27. Photographing Greeting Cards (6:53)
  28. Shooting Products on a White Background (17:24)
  29. Top Down Photography on a White Background (13:06)
  30. Shooting Products on a Black Background (7:23)
  31. Shooting Reflective Items (12:20)
  32. Shooting with Backlight (4:01)
  33. Top Down Photography: Shine & Reflection (24:50)
  34. Basic Editing in Lightroom (31:47)
  35. Batch Editing in Lightroom (6:00)
  36. Editing Jewelry in Lightroom (10:01)
  37. Editing White on White in Lightroom (6:54)
  38. Editing Shine and Reflection in Lightroom (17:03)

Product Features

The ability to produce photographs that are as beautiful as the product you are showcasing 38 HD video lessons that you can watch anytime, for as long as you want, on the device of your choice Class Materials that include all the slides from Candice's presentation Hours of in-depth instruction 100% money back guarantee

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