Floral 1-3 Backgrounds MEGA Bundle-Vector Art Images-Grunge Floral, Abstract Flower Graphic Design DVD

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Manufacturer Description

Here's a list of all the categories: Abstract Floral Backgrounds (25 images), Abstract Floral Compositions 1 (35 images), Abstract Floral Backgrounds (25 images), Abstract Floral Compositions 2 (35 images), Article Floral Backgrounds (25 images), Black & White Floral Designs (55 images), Corner Floral Designs (15 images), Fancy Nature Compositions (50 images), Floral & Technology Backgrounds (20 images), Floral Design Compositions 1 (20 images), Floral Design Compositions 2 (20 images), Floral Design Compositions 3 (20 images), Floral Design Compositions 4 (20 images), Floral Flow Backgrounds (50 images), Grunge Floral Backgrounds 1 (25), Lightray Floral Backgrounds (25 images), Retro Floral Backgrounds 1 (25 images), Simplicity Floral Backgrounds (30 images), Article Floral Backgrounds 2 (25 images), Fancy Floral Backgrounds 1 (25 images), Fancy Floral Backgrounds 2 (50 images), Floral Backgrounds 1 (30 images), Floral Backgrounds 2 (50 images), Floral Backgrounds 3 (50 images), Floral Design Compositions 5 (10 images), Grunge Floral Backgrounds 2 (40 images), Grunge Floral Backgrounds 3 (30 images), Grunge Floral Backgrounds 4 (30 images), Modern Floral Backgrounds (30 images), Retro Floral Backgrounds 2 (25 images), Rich Floral Backgrounds 1 (15 images), Rich Floral Backgrounds (25 images), Swirl Floral Backgrounds (15 images), Floral Panels 1 (25 images), Floral Panels 2 (25 images), Floral Panels 3 (50 images), Floral Panels 4 (50 images), Floral Panels 5 (30 images), Grunge Floral Background 5 (50 images), Grunge Floral Background 6 (50 images), Grunge Floral Background 7 (50 images), Grunge Floral Black & White (50 images), Modern Floral Backgrounds 2 (25 images) and Urban Floral Backgrounds (100 images).

Product Features

The images are available in the following formats: AI (Adobe Illustrator 3.x) and EPS. These are high quality vector images, not pixilated photographs/bitmap images you see on the internet. We do not recommend that you order this product unless you understand what a vector image is and/or know how to work with them. This product is not for amateurs or those who lack basic computer skills. Here's a short list of what's included: 1510 unique and original floral vector background designs on 1 x DVD. There are 44 creative categories in this bundle as well as full color digital PDF catalogs of all the backgrounds. For a list of all the categories of floral backgrounds included see the "Product Description" below. The Floral 1-3 bundle is a must have for every graphic designer, sign maker and creative professional. Expect outstanding vector image quality plus clean and exquisite details in every image. Vector images can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. Vector images are layered so you can easily edit, manipulate and change them to cater to your job or project. Creative professionals prefer vector images because they are the highest quality images available. The DVD is easy to browse and no type of installation is required to view its contents. Due to their hybrid format the discs are compatible with all operating systems (including PC, MAC, Lynx, etc.). All images are royalty free and designed for commercial use. This product CANNOT be resold because the royalty free license isn't transferable. As long as you own this product you can use the images for all your commercial needs. Just like all digital goods on DVD, it cannot be returned. Vector backgrounds on popular stock agency web sites cost $10 - $30 to download one or two vector backgrounds. Due to our generous pricing, the Floral 1-3 bundle backgrounds only cost a few cents each. It comes with an enhanced license which includes unlimited reproduction. Enhanced licenses on the popular stock agencies cost $100-$210 PER IMAGE. Think about how much you're saving by getting your artwork here!

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