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Manufacturer Description

You've found the #1 selling logo software in the world!

Logo Design Studio Pro has been the undisputed leader in logo design software for over 10 years. Discover for yourself how easy and fun it can be to create a logo for your business, charity, sports team or organization. Packed with incredible tools, logo templates and graphics, Logo Design Studio has your back every step of the way and will make sure that your logo turns out amazing!

Easy logo design for everyone!

Logo Design Studio Pro was created with the goal of making logo design a reality for everyone. You don't need a degree in art or graphic design to create an amazing logo for your business. Logo Design Studio Pro has all the tools, templates and guides you need to help you create a one-of-a-kind logo that is personal and perfect for your business. After all, who knows your business better than you and who better to design the logo for your business?

Professional logo design tools that everyone can use

The professional tools and features in Logo Design Studio Pro are designed to help you produce amazing results. The advanced Bezier editing tools visually show adjustable nodes, which you can move to easily change the shape of text, shapes or curves. This gives you the ultimate control over your logo design and flexibility to design how you want.

Create unlimited logos that will work anywhere

Your logo is one of the most important pieces of your brand and you need to make sure that it looks crisp, clean and attractive no matter where you put it. With Logo Design Studio Pro, you never have to worry about your logo looking fuzzy or pixelated when enlarged. Vector tools allow you to scale your logo to any size without losing sharpness or clarity. From web graphics to letterheads to billboards, your logo will look perfect in any size and in any place.

Logo Design Studio Pro also gives you the ability to import and export SVG files, providing you the flexibility to edit within Logo Design Studio Pro or any other vector editor. Once you're ready to start using your logo, choose from any one of the most popular file formats including: PDF, SVG, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, EMF, and BMP, meaning that once you're ready to start using your new logo, it's ready to start working right away!

The perfect tools to create a logo for your business

Once you try Logo Design Studio Pro, you'll be amazed to discover how easy, quick and fun creating your own logo can be. With over 2,000 industry-specific logo templates, you'll have no problem finding a logo style to fit your business. From there, just customize with your own text and colors and then export to use anywhere from websites to business cards to billboards!

You also have the ability to design a logo completely from scratch. Choose from over 6,000 full vector shapes, images and graphics that are included with Logo Design Studio Pro or use the advanced drawing tools to create your own completely unique shapes. The intuitive and flexible toolset is equipped to handle the most advanced graphic design needs.

Logo inspiration and assistance every step of the way

The thought of creating your own logo may be overwhelming, but Logo Design Studio Pro has your back! With thousands of industry specific logo templates and objects, finding the right inspiration is easy. You can even take your brand image a step further with the Slogan and Tagline Library, which helps you find the perfect tagline to help amplify your brand message.

Once you're ready to start using your new logo, we'll even walk you through the trademark and copyright process to help secure your brand identity. In other words, when you design a logo with Logo Design Studio Pro, you're not just getting a logo, you're getting a complete brand.

System Requirements:
  • Supported OS:   [Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista]
  • Processor:   Intel® Pentium processor 233 MHz processor or faster
  • RAM:   2 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk:   800 MB Hard Disk Space
  • Video Card:   .
  • Additional Requirements:   keyboard & mouse

Product Features

2,000+ logo templates: industry-based templates designed by professional graphic artists. 6,000+ full vector graphics: vector graphics are different from regular graphics and images because they don't have pixels. No pixels means you can blow them up to any size without losing image quality or sharpness Slogan & tagline resource library: take your brand image a step further by better defining what you do. 500+ pre-written taglines and slogans make it easier for people to understand what you offer. Precise drawing tools: Bezier editing visually shows adjustable nodes you can move to change the look of shapes, text and curves. Easily undo any change you don't like. Trademark & copyright logo guidelines: Logo Design Studio Pro Vector takes you through the trademark process so you can secure your identity.

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