Nick Saglimbeni's Mastering Lighting Volume 1 DVD Tutorial Series

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Works on a Mac & PC.

Face it: it's a new world out there. You're no longer the only artist on your block, and let's be real-now you're competing with the entire world. Every photographer has a nice camera, and social media makes models accessible to anyone, so you must wonder...

How do you set yourself apart and create a photography style that stands out? By mastering advanced lighting techniques. Mastering Lighting: Volume One gives you the experience of being right there on set, lighting like the pros in real time. Learn difficult lighting concepts in an easy to understand, exciting and intuitive way such as:

3D Set Recreations: Experience professional shoots like never before: in first-person perspective. Each lighting setup is broken down to the simplest level to reveal how natural and artificial light sources are used within the scene.

In-Depth Shot Composition Analysis: See how a final shot is composed in-camera, tackling step-by-step the variables that must be considered to make the vision a reality.

Build Lighting Set-ups in Real Time: Watch a 360º view of Nick Saglimbeni's actual photo shoots, learn how to breakdown and analyze your concept to choose the correct lighting.

Master Professional Lighting Equipment: Work virtually with the lighting equipment that professionals use, learning when and where to use them.

Perfect Post-Production Techniques: Watch Nick use his award-winning retouching techniques to finalize and perfect his shots in post.

Set Yourself Apart: Master the important logistics of how to produce a successful shoot, including tips and tricks for managing a crew, working on location and collaborating with models.

Product Features

From Concept to Post: Mastering Lighting takes you on a complete visual journey of some of Nick Saglimbeni's most recognized and award-winning shoots. Watch as Nick reverse-engineers his shooting process, while avoiding the pitfalls that many photographers fall into. A Decade of Knowledge: Nick Saglimbeni has combined more than 10 years of lighting experience-both as a photographer and cinematographer-into one volume. Mastering Lighting covers challenging concepts such as lighting a large space, redirecting sunlight, balancing natural & artificial light sources, finding the best shot composition, and working with fog; skills which typically take years to master. State-of-the-art Visual Tools: Mastering Lighting uses cutting-edge technology-including 3D set recreations and on-screen camera controls-to dissect difficult lighting concepts, making them easy to understand in an intuitive, exciting way. Set Yourself Apart: You will learn not only how to master lighting techniques, but you will also learn the important logistics of how to produce a successful shoot, including tips and tricks for managing a crew, working on location and collaborating with models. Bonus Features: Mastering Lighting includes Nick's Lighting Journal where he discloses highly detailed lighting diagrams of all the shoots covered in the tutorial, allowing for more in-depth study. Also included are a glossary of terms that every professional must know. Works on Mac & PC

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