Vivid Flowers in Colored Pencil

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Draw radiant, true-to-life flowers that pop off the paper. Learn techniques for matching colors, shifting values, layering, blending, burnishing and more.

Achieve captivating floral compositions blooming with lifelike color, form and depth alongside professional colored pencil artist Cynthia Knox. Learn to select, edit and transfer the perfect reference photo to your paper. Choose and layer colors that match corresponding areas in your reference. Build eye-catching depth with value shifts between shadows, midtones and highlights. Make your drawing look more like a painting with burnishing techniques. Add rich details for a more intriguing image. Create expressive painterly effects with blending techniques. Draw leaves that spring to life with nuanced details. Capture a garden of gorgeous imagery as you learn how to draw flowers with colored pencils.

What you get:
  • 7 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • Class materials, including reference photos and supply lists
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Answers from Cynthia in our virtual classroom
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Lesson plan:
  1. Layering, Blending & Burnishing (19:55)

    Meet artist Cynthia Knox as she introduces you to the amazing colored pencil techniques you'll learn throughout this class! Gain helpful insights into color theory, blending techniques and the burnishing method, which creates a gorgeous painterly effect.

  2. Working With Reference Photos (15:43)

    Learn how to select and edit a reference photo that you'll draw from, and transfer it to drawing paper using Cynthia's helpful tips. Next, discover an easy and nearly foolproof way to create and catalog color swatches that perfectly match corresponding areas of your reference photo.

  3. Value & Fixing Mistakes (20:24)

    Turn your focus to value in this lesson, which covers ways to identify and recreate shifts between shadows, midtones and highlights. Cynthia helps you refine your burnishing technique as she covers a variety of ways to build up layers of color or remove colors that you don't like.

  4. Adding Dimension (15:42)

    Add more depth and dimension to your drawings using carefully developed color and value shifts. Cynthia shows you how to make your flowers look like they’re popping off the page, and demonstrates ways to create deep shadows and intriguing details like water droplets. She also shares easy but ingenious tips for identifying value more easily.

  5. Blurring & Blending (30:15)

    Expand upon the skills you’ve developed in prior lessons as you use brandishing to push elements into the background and blend midground details to create a lovely, natural-looking blurred effect. Next, explore the versatile medium of watercolor pencils, which can blend seamlessly with the color you’ve applied in pencil and infuse a lovely, looser quality to your work.

  6. Natural Shadows & Leaves (11:26)

    Turn your focus to the flower's leaves as you learn how to add dimension and realistic effects to a variety of leaf shapes. Add details like ridges, stems and new layers of color to make your leaves spring to life on the page, and apply Cynthia’s pro tips for adding shadow and movement.

  7. Dramatic Backgrounds & Petal Veins (21:57)

    Focus on the direction and pressure of your pencil strokes as you learn how to create a dark, even tone for your background. Cynthia also illustrates ways to create realistic full petals with nuanced vein lines that suggest movement and rich texture. You’ll finish the lesson with a bevy of new techniques that will help add drama, nuanced detail and gorgeous form to your works.

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